First One

My name is John Barrow and I live in the far south of New Zealand. I’m a very, part time, amateur photographer. When I do get the chance, I have an old yellow van I can get away in.

Yellow van

I’ve always been a video person and for that purpose only, I purchased a Canon 550d sometime back. It took me a long time to actually start using it to take photos and its been a long, steep learning curve ever since. I still have the 550d and I also have a Canon 5d mk4.

When asked what sort of things I shoot, I answer “mostly things in front of me”.

I live far enough South to enjoy the Aurora Australis, a coast that’s exposed to the southern ocean and a very large, diverse backyard.

I’m going to share my experiences to give context to my photos as well as passing on tips and tricks I learn on the way.

If I’m the only one to read this , that’s okay too 🙂