West Arm Power Station and Environs

In mid October 2021 I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at West Arm of Lake Manapouri. This is where the West Arm Power Station is situated.
This is a very beautiful and remote place in the Fiordland National Park. NZ.
I stayed at the Meridian Lodge and had all weekend to wander around and explore the area, I even got to go down to the turbine room of the power station, thanks to the lovely staff at Meridian.

The view from the Spey River Bridge, at the lodge, was incredible. I wanted to get a good shot from the bridge. The forecast was for rain to come in and I didn’t know how long it would last. The light wasn’t very good but I decided to get a shot while I had the chance.

Spey River
Spey River

The rain did come in but it eased off a bit of for periods and I was able to get a second shot of the same frame. I tried an HDR set-up for this shot.

spey river HDR
Spey River HDR

The waterfall behind the lodge was beautiful with the increased water flow.

waterfall behind the lodge
Waterfall behind the lodge

Needless I say I was in my element and I documented my weekend in a video.

Enjoy 🙂

For more information on the West Arm Power Station check out the Wikipedia Page