New Zealand Double Hulled Voyaging Waka

Pahi 63 James Wharrem Design

I had my eyes opened at the Picton camp but not in the way most people would think.
There was a loss of faith in the movement, too many tentacles reaching from every direction.
I went to add my voice to the tide of discontent but a side current took me into deeper waters.

So we went sailing, of course.

Hamish told stories of voyaging in the Pacific and all the time Stoney Bourke was popping into my mind.

Stoney is building a Waitaha inspired New Zealand double hulled voyaging Waka. James Wharram designed this craft and called it Pahi 63.

Stoney Burke 2015 shifting waka
Stoney Burke shifting waka 2015

Stoney has had to move the waka many times over the years. I was there to take a few photos on one such move in 2015.

Getting a hull out of the shed
Getting a hull out of the shed
Towing hull to new location
Towing hull to new location

Intrigued by Stoney’s waka project, it wasn’t long before I got word that Hamish was on the way to Bluff.

Stoney shared the story of the waka and how it came about. It’s a story that reaches back 2000 years and more.

Stoney spoke of ancient wisdom and Wiataha lore, more than one video could possibly tell.

This is the Story of Stoney’s waka and introducing Hamish to that story.

Hamish went home tasked with carving 12 faces, 6 male and 6 female, to go on the ends of the 6 cross beams.

Enjoy 🙂