Stoney’s Waka update Dec 2022

The building Stoney was lucky to be able to store his Waka in, is being repurposed and he has had to move it.
A couple of weeks later he had to move it again.

The waka is okay where it is, for now, but shelter will be needed soon.

Stoney explains the origin of the name Pahi, one of the last Waitaha boat builders.
Pre-Maori, ocean cruising, double hull technology at its best.

Cementing a strong Southland connection.

If your are unfamiliar with the story of Stoney and his Waka have a look at my post –New Zealand Double Hulled Voyaging Waka.

NZ Built Kauri Yacht to be Restored

I travel to Picton to help Hamish move Saoirse to a slip at the Waikawa Bay Marina.

Saoirsa is a Steve Cox designed, Kauri Yacht, built in 1969 by Lional Jefcoat. She is to be taken out of the water for a make over.

In her class she is a combination of 140 years of single handed, ocean racing and cruising, technology and Kiwi ingenuity.

The weather didn’t play it’s part but I was able to have a good look around the area and catch up with what happened to Hamish’s carving after it was removed from the camp at Picton.
Picton Camp –

Hamish starts preparing the Kauri for the faces to be mounted on the cross beams of Stoney’s Waka.

Part 1

As Fortune would Have It – Short handed offshore yachts

The mission was to get Saoirse onto the slip at Waikawa Marina. Bad weather and an act of fortune gave me another week hanging out with Hamish.
I got to learn a bit more about Hamish and his boats while stranded on the Waikawa Bay Jetty.

Part 2

Enjoy 🙂

New Zealand Double Hulled Voyaging Waka

Pahi 63 James Wharrem Design

I had my eyes opened at the Picton camp but not in the way most people would think.
There was a loss of faith in the movement, too many tentacles reaching from every direction.
I went to add my voice to the tide of discontent but a side current took me into deeper waters.

So we went sailing, of course.

Hamish told stories of voyaging in the Pacific and all the time Stoney Bourke was popping into my mind.

Stoney is building a Waitaha inspired New Zealand double hulled voyaging Waka. James Wharram designed this craft and called it Pahi 63.

Stoney Burke 2015 shifting waka
Stoney Burke shifting waka 2015

Stoney has had to move the waka many times over the years. I was there to take a few photos on one such move in 2015.

Getting a hull out of the shed
Getting a hull out of the shed
Towing hull to new location
Towing hull to new location

Intrigued by Stoney’s waka project, it wasn’t long before I got word that Hamish was on the way to Bluff.

Stoney shared the story of the waka and how it came about. It’s a story that reaches back 2000 years and more.

Stoney spoke of ancient wisdom and Wiataha lore, more than one video could possibly tell.

This is the Story of Stoney’s waka and introducing Hamish to that story.

Hamish went home tasked with carving 12 faces, 6 male and 6 female, to go on the ends of the 6 cross beams.

Enjoy 🙂

Convoy 2022 The Straggle Muster – My Story

On the 26 February 2022 I became part of the Convoy 2022 Straggle Muster from Bluff to Picton.
I joined the convoy to show my concern regarding the inhumane and over reaching policies of this New Zealand Government.

The kindness and support given freely to us by New Zealanders was truly humbling.

I dedicate this video to the people.

Images of the police intervention at Parliament Grounds by Liberty Bytes

West Arm Power Station and Environs

In mid October 2021 I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at West Arm of Lake Manapouri. This is where the West Arm Power Station is situated.
This is a very beautiful and remote place in the Fiordland National Park. NZ.
I stayed at the Meridian Lodge and had all weekend to wander around and explore the area, I even got to go down to the turbine room of the power station, thanks to the lovely staff at Meridian.

The view from the Spey River Bridge, at the lodge, was incredible. I wanted to get a good shot from the bridge. The forecast was for rain to come in and I didn’t know how long it would last. The light wasn’t very good but I decided to get a shot while I had the chance.

Spey River
Spey River

The rain did come in but it eased off a bit of for periods and I was able to get a second shot of the same frame. I tried an HDR set-up for this shot.

spey river HDR
Spey River HDR

The waterfall behind the lodge was beautiful with the increased water flow.

waterfall behind the lodge
Waterfall behind the lodge

Needless I say I was in my element and I documented my weekend in a video.

Enjoy 🙂

For more information on the West Arm Power Station check out the Wikipedia Page

Hunting the Grebe Valley with Pete

I bump into Pete occasionally and I’ve gotten to know him somewhat. One day I told Pete that I had never really been hunting but thought I would like it. He then said he would take me out sometime.

The day came and off we went in Pete’s Honda Hybrid, all I knew was we would be out over night. I didn’t know where we were going or what to expect. I was a bit anxious, I think, understandably.

Of course I took my camera to record the trip.

This is my hunting story, enjoy.

Hokitika and the Glaciers, West Coast, New Zealand

I pick up my Journey in Hokitika where I catch up with the very start of the driftwood art competition. Then off down the coast to check out the condition of the Fox and Franz Joseph glaciers. I also visit the Treetop Walk and Cafe.

So grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy a relaxing scenic trip down the West Coast in glorious 4K.
If you haven’t seen Part 1 of this trip yet A Journey Through Middle Earth

Enjoy 🙂

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A Trip Through Middle Earth, New Zealand

In January 2021, I travelled to Christchurch to visit friends. My idea was to travel up the East Coast then take a trip through middle earth, Christchurch to Greymouth over Arthurs Pass. Then home via the West Coast.

Canterbury is usually hot and dry and this year was no exception. The first morning I woke up to the most incredible sky. The clouds hung low in the hot still air but moved quickly across the sky, I made a post about it North Westerly Cloud Formation

North West Cloud Pattern very Lord of the Rings
North West Change

Before setting off to the West Coast I had a small culvert to fix up. The culvert needed a footing put in but I didn’t video that part of the build. I time lapsed the the rest of the build and decide to add it to the video I made.

This first video covers the stone culvert build and then the journey over Arthurs Pass to Greymouth then onto Punakaiki. I wanted to capture the blowholes in action and high tide was just on dusk. It was dark by the time I got finished up with the blowholes and the camping ground was closed. I drove North until a large tree appeared on the skyline, this was where I parked up for a few hours.

Twisted tree at Punakaiki could be from middle earth.
Twisted Tree

The next morning was foggy but as I drove back toward Greymouth the fog started lifting and I was treated to a stunning West Coast day.

I recently installed GoPro mounts on the side windows of the van as well as the mount on the dash. It worked a treat and I was able to capture some absolutely breathtaking landscapes as I drove.

So grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy the trip through middle earth 🙂

I post a lot of my photos on Flickr so shoot over there and check them out 🙂

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The Kingston Flyer – Rogers K92 Steam Locomotive and the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre

I stayed in the van beside a river, I was going to video the Santa Parade in Gore that day. As usual I was up and away early and was driving towards Gore. I came around the corner in Mandeville and saw a steam locomotive warming up on the side of the road. I had to stop and check out this magnificent machine, the Rogers K92 Locomotive which ran the Gore to Kingston run or the Kingston Flyer

In June 1927 the Rogers K92 Locomotive, was dumped into the Oreti River at Mararoa Junction, just above Lumsden. It was put there to help stop erosion. In 1985 the K92 was pulled out of the Oreti River and fully restored.

Rogers K92 Locomotive is now at the Waimea Plains Railway in Mandeville. When I arrived they were getting the locomotive ready for a public day, so I hung around to see it running. While waiting, I checked out the Crydon Aviation Heritage Centre next door. What a treat, not only did I happen on a Steam Locomotive but I also found myself in a hanger full of heritage aircraft.

So if you are ever passing through this way make sure you set aside a bit of time to explore Mandeville.

Find them on Facebook
Waimea Plains Railway – @waimeaplainsrailway
Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre – @experiencemandeville

North Westerly Cloud Formation

On a recent trip to Rangiora in North Canterbury, I woke up to a intense cloud formation overhead. The spectacle was brought about by an approaching , very hot, dry north westerly wind.

North Westerly Cloud Formation
North Westerly Cloud Formation

I grabbed my GoPro and set it up to time-lapse the scene, you can just see it in the photo above. I then took the 5 photo stitch panorama above with my 5D.
After shooting the first image, I went to a pond in the next paddock to get a bit of foreground interest. This image is also a 5 image panorama.

North Westerly Cloud Formation with pond
North Westerly Cloud Formation with pond

I took a couple of time lapses of this very beautiful event.

The cloud formation was surreal and the North Westerly itself, was brutal.