The Learning curve

I use Fedora, a Linux operating system, for all my editing. I both love it and get very angry with it.
Most of the industry software doesn’t work on Linux but the software that does work on Linux is built by a community of very clever people.

I did a trip a couple of weeks ago and was focusing on a shot of the Galactic Centre rising. My first couple of locations didn’t work but on the third night I got a bit of luck.
I found a spot on Lake Hawea that would frame the Galactic Centre between two mountains and lake in the foreground.
The moment came and I snapped of a couple of dozen shots. I get home and start editing an image.

I have one 90 second exposure for the foreground and 4 exposures focused on the stars. I chose the best exposure and started editing, I’m still learning star-scape photography so it took me ages to get something I was happy with. It looked okay but it wasn’t great.

Galactic centre rising

I have four images of the same frame and decided to find a way to stack them. I found a piece of software called Siril.
Siril isn’t flashy but it works like a charm. It’s going to take time to get to know this software but I’m excited by the prospect. Take a look…

Galactic centre rising 2