Kip and Two Rosies

I’ve known Kip for while now and I love his music. I asked him if he would let me record him as I wanted music for my videos. He generously agreed.
We managed to organise a day and time.
I had set up to record Kip when the Ramblin Rosies, Kylie and Renee, came over. I improvised as much as I could to document the interactions and make this video.

So make a cuppa tea and settle into a slice of life and history with Kip and Two Rosies

Kip Tipuna smiles his way through bad times and good with a sincerity not commonly seen anymore. His generosity is humbling but what he gives when performing is genuine and powerful. In my book Kip is a legend and deserves good things…

Check out Kips YouTube Channel

Cheers John