Ruapuke Island Bees

Dan Tarrant is a bee keeper in Bluff and his dream is to have bees on Ruapuke Island. Ruapuke island is a small island situated off the southern coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

The island is exposed to extraordinarily harsh conditions, so Dan and his bees have their work cut out for them.

Ruapuke Island Sunset
Ruapuke Island

I’ve always wanted to visit Ruapuke so when Dan suggested I go over with him, I jumped at the opportunity. I feel honoured to have visited such an amazing place and to archive the beginnings of Dan’s journey.

Dusk Ruapuke Island
Dusk Ruapuke Island

Getting the hives set up close to the flowering Manuka and protecting them from the feral cattle, is just the beginning.

This video is day one of an incredible 4 day trip and the beginning of life changing journey for Dan and his family.

I wish Dan and his family the best of luck with this venture, I believe the honey will be extraordinary just like the island itself.

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